What we do


  1. Researching and providing rural communities with information and education on issues relevant to their development.
  2. Gathering information and data from rural communities on their needs, problems and issues of policy implementation for the attention of government and policy makers.
  3. Enhancing the ability of poor rural communities to engage policy makers to make and implement pro-poor policies.
  4. Providing rural communities direct access to media and communication opportunities to inform themselves and promote their views and perspectives.
  5. Providing early warning of situations that might lead to conflict and alert political leaders and the public to opportunities for understanding issues.
  6. Stimulating the use of mechanisms for conflict resolution, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and providing information that will facilitate these processes.
  7. Working with development partners (e.g. DA’s MPs, NGOs) to organise events and processes to promote dialogue on development issues, through existing communication channels.
  8. Offering consultancy services in media and communications.


« Education
« Health
« Women’s Empowerment and Human Rights
« Good Governance
« Environment
« Agriculture and Food Security
« Peace and security
« Water and Sanitation.


We combine innovative media solutions and community
mobilization techniques to make the desired
programmatic impact. The main approaches are:
   « Media Advocacy
   « Participatory Development Communication
   « Behaviour Change Communication
   « Communication for Social Change
   « Media Training
   « Capacity Development and Training
   « Radio programming and production, Video Advocacy, Participatory Video;   Publications.


The projects were funded by various donors that shared
RUMNET’s vision and mission:
UNDP; Oxfam Ghana; African Initiatives, Britain; Action
Aid Ghana; Ibis West Africa; KASA (CARE International);
Institute for Policy Alternatives, Tamale; US Embassy,
Ghana; USAID, Ghana; STAR Ghana.

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